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Sit at home and cry for a month? That's not what we do.

He's looking for a new girl, probably to get over you if he hasn't already got over you. I'd put money on him already being over you. It sounds like the "emotional void" thing means he was already over you when you broke up.

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  8. My ex boyfriend has an online dating profile? I have posted here recently. My ex boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago when he said he had an emotional void towards me. Please read my other posts to get a good idea of my situation.

    Date Other Guys To Get Your Ex Back

    He wanted to remain friends however and continued to call and ask me to hang out. I felt it would only make me feel worse. I talked to him but gave excuses as to why I could not go.

    A couple of days ago I found his dating profile. He has pictures posted from our vacations! Pictures that I took myself!

    Most Helpful Girl

    He says he is looking for someone special to spend time with, someone caring and intelligent. He's looking for and describing someone just like me. How could he do this after being with me for over 5 years, talking about marriage and children? A month and a half ago we were looking at homes together, and now he has an online dating profile. Again, prior to me he has never had a relationship and now I feel as though he is testing the waters. But the guy is 38 years old. I did everything for him.

    Why is he looking online? Is he really looking for another relationship?

    My Ex Is On Dating Sites: Are We Done For Good Or Can I Get My Ex Back After A Breakup?

    Is he trying to get over me? I am so hurt and disappointed, I cry every day. Do you like it when a guy looks at you in the street? You see, human beings are supposed to feel jealous when something they desire is in the hands of another person… and it makes that desirable object even more desirable. Let me put this another way. Have you ever wanted something so badly like a new cell phone? Once you got this new cell phone, you must have been pretty happy, right? But after awhile, the sort of magic that made that cell phone so appealing slowly fades until one day… the cell phone is just another cell phone.

    But not say someone stole that cell phone from you.